Build It Books




These fun rhyming books are all about building plans and what can be built using your imagination. Chris Van Dusen is a favorite author at our house and we really enjoy all of his books.

If I Built A House by Chris Van Dusen is a wonderful book about a boy with an amazing imagination. He designs his dream house. His creativity includes a flying room and an underwater room. Kids find this book fun and inspiring of what they can imagine themselves.

If I Built A Car by Chris Van Dusen is about a boy with a wonderful imagination who designs a car. His unique car has driving robot and a pool. Be sure to look for this creative car in the other book, If I Built A House.

Ready, Set, Build by Meg Fleming is about a dog that designs and builds a house for himself  and a bird.

Another great book by Chris Van Dusen:




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Easter Basket Stuffer Books



Here are some great Easter books that would make great gifts since they are about $7 or less on Amazon. See my post about books about rabbits that are also great for Easter here.

Easter Surprise is a cute slide and fun book for younger kids. It is less than $5 on Amazon and would make a great Easter gift.

What is Easter? by Michelle Medlock Adams is about the true meaning of Easter.

Where Are Baby’s Easter Eggs? by Karen Katz is a lift the flap book where a baby looks for the eggs. All of the Karen Katz books are great for younger kids.

The Berenstain Bears Baby Easter Bunny by Jan and Mike Berenstain is a cute lift the flap book with lots of springtime babies.

Fancy Nancy’s Elegant Easter by Jane O’Conner is a lift the flap book and Nancy makes Easter fancy in her own way.

Fancy Nancy and the Missing Easter Bunny by Jane O’Connor is one I just purchased this year to add to our Easter collection. Nancy has to find the missing bunny that JoJo brought home from school.

Here are some more gift ideas:


What is your favorite item to put in your kids Easter baskets?


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You Can Stay Home With Your Kids! Book Review

You Can Stay Home With Your Kids! By Erin Odom is a new book that releases on April 10th. I was able to read it as part of the launch team. It was a timely read for me since I am a new stay at home mom and living on one income. It was written in small chapters with practical advice to save money. I personally already used most of her tips. I would recommend it for anyone that is interested in ways to cut costs or to save money, not just couples with kids. She had recipes for DIY household cleaners and links for sites to help you save money. She blogs at She is offering lots of pre-order bonuses so be sure to order before April 10th.


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Spring books especially for boys

5ECF68C1-0A76-4AEF-B44D-10F70C0B38FCHere are some books about Spring that boys (and girls) will enjoy. My son loves anything on wheels so these books are favorites of his. These books are both new this year:

The Digger and the Flower by Joseph Kuefler is about a digger working on a construction site. While working, he saves a flower on the site. Another vehicle knocks it down so he takes the seeds and plants them outside the city. He cares for them there and watches them grow.

Little Blue Truck’s Springtime by Alice Schertle is the newest book in the Little Blue Truck series which are favorites at our house. In this lift the flap book, Little Blue drives along and sees all the new Spring farm babies. See my post about Little Blue Truck here.

Do you have a favorite Spring book that little boys would love? Please leave a comment.

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Searching For Spring Book Review


“The winter of waiting makes war on us, our flesh fighting against the Spirit and the beauty he wants to bring in the coming spring.”

-Searching for Spring by Christine Hoover

Searching for Spring by Christine Hoover is about how God makes all things beautiful in time.  Besides the beautiful cover, this book had a lot of  wisdom about hardships we all face and how God can make them beautiful. Reading about God making beauty during our trials was comforting. Spring is a season for new beginnings and in this book she discusses life in the different seasons. I was able to enjoy reading it outside when there were Spring like days. Being able to be outside during winter makes you hope for the warmer days. The changing weather made me relate to what the author compared the seasons to changes in our lives. Winter can be so hard and represents hardships in life and having hope in Spring.  I enjoyed her writing style and the verses and quotes throughout the book. You can visit her blog here and also learn about her other books.


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Spring Themed Books for Kids



These two books are great for the beginning of Spring as we transition from Winter:

  • Crinkle, Crackle, Crack: It’s Spring! by Marion Dane Bauer is about a little girl that awakens to sounds outside. She goes out to explore with a bear. More animals join them on their walk and they discover an egg hatching and the beginning of Spring.
  • When Spring Comes by Kevin Henkes shows what changes happen from Winter to Spring. The grass is brown and becomes green. The trees are bare and then grow leaves.

Hedgehugs and the Hattiepillar by Steve Wilson is about two hedgehogs finding a caterpillar that changes into a butterfly. They wonder if they can too if they follow the same steps.

Do Fairies Bring the Spring? by Liza Gardner Walsh is a cute book about whether or not the fairies bring Spring.

After a long winter’s rest with little to do,
are the fairies ready to start something new,

Do they use tiny brushes and oil pastels
to paint crocuses, lilacs, and daffodils?

It’s Spring by Samantha Berger and Pamela Chanko is a StoryPlay book that has questions on the pages to ask kids to look for things in the book. It is also written in rhyme to see about farm animals in Spring.

More fun books about Spring:


Happy Spring!

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The Read Aloud Family

The Read Aloud Family by Sarah Mackenzie will be released on March 27, 2018. I pre-ordered mine in November and am looking forward to its release. Sarah Mackenzie  hosts one of my favorite podcasts called the Read-Aloud Revival. She encourages parents to read aloud to their kids. She also wrote one of my favorite homeschool books called Teaching From Rest. If you pre-order the book, you can get access to video course that goes along with the book. I have already done the course and enjoyed it. If you like her podcasts and website, I highly recommend pre-ordering your book and going here to get access to this free course.

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Bunny Books

Here are some books about bunny rabbits that are not Easter books. They are great for Springtime too.

Bunny Roo, I Love You by Melissa Marr and illustrated by Teagan White. I love the illustrations in this book. The baby animals are adorable, the pig is my favorite. This is a great book for Springtime babies.

Rabbit and Possum by Dana Wulfekotte is a new book about a rabbit and possum that are friends. Their plans for snack time get interrupted and involves a moose.

Charlie the Ranch Dog: Charlie’s New Friend by Ree Drummond. This series is a hit with my kids. They love finding the chipmunk on every page. In this book, Charlie becomes friends with a rabbit in the garden.

Richard Scarry’s The Bunny Book by Patsy Scarry is one of my favorites from childhood. The bunny family is so cute and the imagination of the baby bunny and what he could be as he grows up.

How To Be A Bigger Bunny by Wendell and Florence Minor is a cute book as a little bunny feels left out as his family leaves without him. He reads a book with different adventures and then he has an adventure of his own to rescue his family. He uses what he learned in his book to help him.

Bunny’s Book Club by Annie Silvestro is a favorite of ours as Bunny and his friends visit the library and discover their love of reading. They then start a book club.

Too Many Carrots by Katy Hudson is about a rabbit that hoards carrots. When he runs out of room in his house, he goes to stay with a friend. Then he fills up the friends’ house. He learns the lesson of what is most important.

Other great Bunny Rabbit Books:

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St. Patrick’s Day


St. Patrick’s Day is March 17th. It is always a fun family day to wear green, eat festive shamrock cookies, and make fun crafts. Here are a few books to add to your celebrations:

This Must Be The Place by Maggie O’Farrell is not about St. Patrick’s Day, but takes place in Ireland. I really enjoyed the writing style of this book. It is told from the viewpoints of many different characters and how they are all related to the main character, Daniel Sullivan. It jumps from the past, present, and future as well. This book really surprised me as to how much I enjoyed it. I was skeptical at first, but was tearing up at the end of the book.

Leprechaun In Late Winter by Mary Pope Osborne is part of the Magic Tree House Series. These are great historical fiction books for kids. In this book, Jack and Annie go on an adventure in Ireland. This is great to read aloud or for kids to read on their own.

The Itsy Bitsy Leprechaun by Jeffrey Burton is cute little book for younger kids. Lots of bright colors and is to the tune of the Itsy Bitsy Spider.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day and have fun reading together.


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Pi Day 3.14

Today is Pi Day (3.14). We received this set from Numbers Alive a few weeks ago and I was surprised at how much the kids enjoyed it. We homeschool using Classical Conversations and we were able to use this to learn the area and circumference of a circle. It was great for hands on learning. They also really enjoyed the glasses (not pictured) and seeing fun images while looking at direct light.  Since today is Pi Day, we will be enjoying Pi Man as we call him. Lots of circles to be enjoyed today especially with circle shaped foods like pizza, pie, cookies, crackers, etc. This set would be great for any family with school age kids especially if you homeschool or would be great to use in a classroom to enhance learning.

Some books about circles and Pi that we enjoy:

Circles by David Adler

Sir Cumference and the First Round Table by Cindy Neuschwander

Sir Cumference and the Dragon of Pi by Cindy Neuschwander

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