Read Alouds This Summer


Here are 2 series that the kids and I have been reading this summer:

The Magical Adoption Agency by Kallie George has 3 books in the series about a little girl that spends her summer working with magical animals. The kids loved hearing about all of these magical animals and it was great to encourage imagination.

Toys Go Out by Emily Jenkins has 3 books in the series about toys that come to life when their little girl is not around. These are especially fun to read now before we go to see Toy Story 4.

What are you and your kids enjoying this summer?


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The Unhoneymooners


The Unhoneymooners by Christina Lauren is a perfect light read for summer. A couple gets an unexpected trip to Hawaii after being the only ones to not get food poisoning at a wedding. They have to pretend to be honeymooners and the story is predictable and that made it fun and light. Would be great vacation read especially if headed to Hawaii or a beach somewhere.


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Beyond The Point


Beyond The Point by Claire Gibson was a wonderful book about three women and their experiences at West Point. It was a great perspective to learn what their lives were like during college. They formed a friendship there that endured through 9/11, injuries. deployments, and loss. The author grew up around West Point while her dad worked there and it was a beautiful debut novel. I will definitely read her future books.


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Park Avenue Summer


Park Avenue Summer by Renee Rosen is a new book set in New York in the 1960’s. A young woman moves to New York to pursue her dream as a photographer. She gets a job as a secretary at Cosmopolitan Magazine. The book shares how the magazine changes under new female leadership. This book was very enjoyable and was a fun time period to read about.

If you enjoyed this book, I would recommend:


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Farm Animals


Farm animals that can communicate with humans make for some fun picture books. These books both have clever animals that tell their farmers what they want to change around the farm.

  • Lambslide by Ann Patchett and Robin Preiss Glasser is about a group of lambs that want their farm to have a slide for them to play on.
  • Chicken Talk by Patricia MacLachlan and Jarrett J. Krosoczka is about a farm where the chickens start scratching in the dirt messages to let the farmers know what they think.

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Prayers For Your Children


13E86BB6-3CC1-410C-8636-EE4840762740Two new great books for parents. One book has specialized prayers to pray for your son and the other is geared for daughters. Having been blessed with both a son and a daughter, I have been reading through both books. They have been wonderful to read and are in nice short chapters to read daily. There are verses to go along with each topic. Thank you to Revell for these review copies.  Powerful Prayers For Your Son by Rob and Joanna Teigen covers topics related to what a boy experiences in his life.  Powerful Prayers For Your Daughter by Rob and Joanna Teigen is done really well to cover issues that girls experience in their lives. I look forward to having these books to pray for my children throughout their lives.

About the Authors:
Rob Teigen was a publishing professional for more than twenty years and is the author of the bestselling Laugh-Out-Loud Jokes for Kids series (under the pseudonym Rob Elliott). He and his wife, Joanna Teigen, have celebrated twenty-five years of marriage and have five kids who bring adventure to their lives in West Michigan. Together they create resources to encourage couples and families, including 88 Great Daddy-Daughter Dates. Learn more at


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New Books About Dads


Here are 3 new books about fathers that are great to read around Father’s Day:

  • You’re Missing It!  by Brady Smith (Author, Illustrator) and Tiffani Thiessen (Author) is a new book by a husband and wife team. The book shows how parents are missing things in their child’s life by being on their phones. It was convicting about how much time we spend on our phones and are missing out on life around us.
  • My Papi Has a Motorcycle by Isabel Quintero (Author) and Zeke Peña (Illustrator) is a cute book that shows the life of a girl in a Hispanic area of town. She travels with her papi on his motorcycle. There are some Spanish words throughout the story.
  • Hair Love by Matthew A. Cherry (Author) and Vashti Harrison (Illustrator) is a sweet book about a dad that has to fix his daughter’s hair.

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The Next Right Thing


The Next Right Thing by Emily P. Freeman is a new non-fiction book about the decisions we make in our lives. This has been a great book to read in my own life because we have made a big decision for our kids to switch schools and the type of schooling they will experience. The author shares from her own experiences. Each chapter was short and I read a chapter a day and really enjoyed it. This book is helpful for all stages of life since we are faced with so many decisions big and small on a daily basis. She encourages to simply do the next right thing when trying to make a decision. Thank you to Revell for this copy to review.

About the author:

EMILY P. FREEMAN is the author of Simply Tuesday and A Million Little Ways. As host of The Next Right Thing podcast, she helps create space for the soul to breathe, offering fresh perspective on the sacredness of our inner life with God. Emily and her husband live in North Carolina with their three children.


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Rules For Visiting


Rules For Visiting by Jessica Francis Kane took me by surprise. The story was slow and I was glad I kept reading because I loved the character development. A woman has some unexpected time off work and decides to visit her friends that she has had over the years, but has never made much effort towards the friendships. It also covers family dynamics and since the main character is a botanist, the book also talks a lot about various trees.

If you enjoyed this, then I would recommend:

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