Cincinnati Zoo -Staycation Ideas


We love our local zoo and have been members for the past ten years. One of our favorite activities this time of year is spending time at the Cincinnati Zoo. Since the zoo is closed right now, we are bringing the zoo to our house.


Here are some books that we read about the zoo:


Snack ideas: Popcorn, animal crackers, Zebra cakes, ice cream (Graeter’s has a Fiona flavor).

Other Ideas:

  •  Make a zoo with stuffed animals or animal figurines.
  • Visit live animals if you can by still practicing social distancing.
  • The Cincinnati Zoo is doing a virtual safari every day on their Facebook page.

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Day 4: England Staycation Ideas

4792EBC2-DBFE-48A9-A4D9-8DBBFF63C80DTea party with whatever tea set you have in your house. We made Easter sugar cookies to have for our tea party treat.

We had English muffins for breakfast.


Books for Kids:

Books For Adults:

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Day 3: Walt Disney World-Staycation Ideas

Since Spring Break has been cancelled, we have been having fun visiting places from our own house. Today we experienced Walt Disney World. It is easy to watch any Disney movies and listen to Disney music at your house. We also have a ton of Disney books to keep us busy. Here is what we did to visit Walt Disney World:

  • Ride the rides on YouTube using laundry baskets.
  • Wear Mickey and Minnie ears.
  • Wear Disney shirts.
  • Wear Magic Bands from our last Disney trip.


Snack Ideas: Eggo Mickey frozen waffles, Mickey ice cream bars, Mickey Goldfish crackers. Make cookies shaped like Mickey with a cookie cutter.


Some of our Disney games that we played:

We played this Disney Scavenger Hunt:




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Staycation Day 2- France

Bonjour! We traveled to France for day 2 of our Coronavirus Spring Break. We enjoyed a French baguette with our Creamy Chicken Noodle Soup for dinner. We read some Fancy Nancy books since she loves all things French.

Books for adults:

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Staycation Day 1-Spa and Beach Day

Our Spring Break started today and since everything is cancelled from COVID-19, we are making the best of things here at home. Everything we are doing is simple and using what we have around the house. We started the day by having a spa day. The girls got their nails painted and they all enjoyed foot soaking. Then we had a picnic lunch outside on beach towels. The kids played with kinetic sand just like at the beach.  We read some beach themed books:

Other ideas: Snack on Goldfish, watch movies like Moana, Finding Nemo, and Finding Dory.

If you are looking for some adult books to read to feel like you are visiting the beach:

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