Staycation Day 2- France

Bonjour! We traveled to France for day 2 of our Coronavirus Spring Break. We enjoyed a French baguette with our Creamy Chicken Noodle Soup for dinner. We read some Fancy Nancy books since she loves all things French.

Books for adults:

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Staycation Day 1-Spa and Beach Day

Our Spring Break started today and since everything is cancelled from COVID-19, we are making the best of things here at home. Everything we are doing is simple and using what we have around the house. We started the day by having a spa day. The girls got their nails painted and they all enjoyed foot soaking. Then we had a picnic lunch outside on beach towels. The kids played with kinetic sand just like at the beach.  We read some beach themed books:

Other ideas: Snack on Goldfish, watch movies like Moana, Finding Nemo, and Finding Dory.

If you are looking for some adult books to read to feel like you are visiting the beach:

*This post contains Amazon affiliate links.